Timeline Analysis

Use Cases

Timeline Analysis plots parameters over time alongside downtime and defect events. This tool is most helpful early in the exploratory process when you are investigating patterns and behavior. This is a good tool to lead to Descriptive Statistics or Time-Series Correlation.


Timeline Analysis is a multivariate analysis that you can perform on continuous fields on the Cycle and Part models. Using the Cycle model, Timeline Analysis can investigate parameters from the same machine type with high granularity. Using the Part model lets you plot fields across different machines, but with lower granularity (the Part model is limited by the serial number or other identifier used to construct the data model).


Timeline Analysis plots up to five continuous parameters over a selected time range. You can choose to apply an overlay that indicates defects, downtime, or both. Defects are shown as ticks at the top of the plot, while downtime events are shown overlaid on the plot. If you select multiple machines, each is plotted in a different color.