Product Updates - December 2018


Component Notes
AI Data Pipeline: Compute
  • Completed jobs now have a Recompute button, making it easier to rerun the same job.
  • The Select All button in the Asset Selector persists after entering a search term, so you can quickly search and select all returned results.
  • Resolved Issue: The Asset Selector now clears correctly.
  • Resolved Issue: The Completed list now loads quicker.
AI Data Pipeline: Models
  • After deploying a model, or deploying changes to a model, you now stay on the same page instead of redirecting back to the model landing page.
Statistical Process Control
  • There is added support for Production Day and Time Zone selections in the Date Range Selector.
  • The Date Range Selector is now limited to 14 days when using Statistical Process Control.
Data Field Selector
  • The context menu now includes an option for Unit, which displays the configured units that are associated with each data field.
  • A Search bar has been added to the Dashboards page.
Other Resolved Issues
  • Resolved Issue:  Click-through menus no longer contain duplicate links.
  • Resolved Issue:  Adding a filter on Data Discovery no longer breaks the filter menu.
  • Resolved Issue:  Machines are now sorted correctly in pivot tables.
  • Resolved Issue:  Data Tables no longer display a blank cell for single-item arrays.
  • Resolved Issue:  All fields are now selected when changing Machine Type in Data Tables.
  • Resolved Issue:  Moving a data field from Y2 to Y1 in Data Visualizations now works correctly.
  • Resolved Issue:  Timestamps are no longer truncated in Raw Data Tables.