Managing Users

As a Sight Machine administrator, you can manage users on the Settings page.

Users are split into separate tables, which you can access using the quick filters at the top of the page. Status types include:

  • Active: Indicates that the user has either responded to an email invitation and created a password, or logged in via SSO.
  • Inactive: Indicates that the user no longer has access to the Sight Machine platform.
  • Pending: Indicates that an invitation was sent to the user, but the user has not yet created a password or logged in.

The links contained in the emails for Invite User and Reset Password expire after 48 hours. If needed, you can resend Invite User or Reset Password emails, which will contain new links.

In addition to managing users and resetting passwords, Administrators can also edit the Group(s) with which any user is associated. Groups types include:

  • Basic User: Can access all available Manufacturing Applications.
  • AI Data Pipeline: Includes Basic User, plus access to AI Data Pipeline tools (Edge API Keys, Model Configuration, and Model Recompute).
  • Administrator: Includes Basic User and AI Data Pipeline, plus access to user Settings.