Introduction to Intelligent Alerting

Sight Machine’s Intelligent Alerting feature monitors data and proactively notifies you when configured criteria are met, allowing you to quickly identify and address issues.


  • Alert: The set of parameters and criteria that you configure for monitoring.
  • Incident: A specific instance in which the configured alert’s criteria has been met.
  • Notification: Communication to you when an incident occurs.

Configuring Alerts in the User Interface

The Sight Machine platform currently allows you to create alerts for two applications directly in the user interface:

  • SPC: Use to monitor for breaches in specification limits, both upper and lower.
  • Data Latency Monitoring: Use to monitor outages in source data connectivity.

Configuring Alerts for Other Analytics

In addition to browser-based configuration, the platform also lets you configure alerting for any deployed application within the platform. Sight Machine will be supporting user interface configuration of additional applications in the future, but if you have an immediate request, reach out to your Customer Success representative.