Configuring Alerts

Each alert, regardless of Analytic, contains the following four sections:

  • Parameters: The application-specific input parameters.
  • Alert Criteria: The application-specific alert criteria.
  • Monitor Frequency: The frequency with which the application is run and how often you are notified.
  • Notification: The configuration of the notification subject and recipients.

Configuring SPC Alerts

To configure an SPC alert, do the following:

  • Select the Machines and data field that you want to monitor.
    NOTE: Selected Machines must all be of the same type.
  • Add additional filters, if needed.
  • Set your specification limit alert criteria.You only need to enter a value for either Lower Spec Limit or Upper Spec Limit, but can enter both if needed. An incident is triggered if a value falls outside of the specification limits.

Configuring Data Latency Monitoring Alerts

To configure a Data Latency Monitoring alert, do the following:

  • Select the data streams that you want to monitor.
  • Set your data latency alert criteria.An incident is triggered if data from the selected sources has not arrived in the Sight Machine environment in more than the time specified.