Managing Widgets

After you save your newly created widget, it appears on your dashboard. You can add multiple widgets to each dashboard. 

To edit a widget:

  1. On the dashboard, in the upper-right of any widget, click the three dot menu to do any of the following:
    • Edit: Go back to the same screen where you created the widget to make changes.
    • Make a Copy: Create a copy of the widget, and automatically go the edit screen to make changes. Copying a widget is a great time saver for creating many similar widgets with slightly different selections. For example, you can build a widget that visualizes data from one machine, and then create a copy for each other machine of the same type.
    • Link to Dashboard: Link to an existing dashboard or an external URL to create a workflow. Linking to documentation for the process being analyzed, SLAs, help documentation, or additional dashboards can provide additional context for the results of the dashboard.
    • Explore in ...: For whichever category of widget you selected (for example, Data Visualization or OEE Visibility), go to that screen to explore more options for that dashboard widget. This is most commonly done if you want to edit the filter criteria for that dashboard widget.
    • Delete: Remove the widget from your dashboard.