Selecting How to Visualize the Raw Data

On the Raw Data Visualization screen sidebar, you can select how you want to visualize the raw data.

The Raw Data Visualization options include:

  1. Asset: You can select an asset from your raw data.
  2. Stream Types: You can select one or more stream types. All are selected by default, and you can remove stream types to apply a filter.
  3. Raw Field: You can select one raw field to visualize over time.NOTE: You can later select a second field, but are limited to one in this window.
  4. Date Range: You can click the date range selector, and then select the range that you want to display.
  5. Show by: You can change the chart from time series to distribution (i.e., how often the variable you selected occurs at certain values).
  6. Update: Click this button to generate the chart.
    NOTE: If the results contain more than 10,000 records, the interface will only display the first 10,000.