Options Common to All Analysis Tools

The following options are common to all Analysis tools:

Option Description
Saving to a dashboard On most Analysis tools, you can save the output visualization to a new or existing dashboard.

To save to a dashboard:
  1. Click the Save button in the upper-right.
  2. Click New or Existing.
  3. Optionally, rename the widget.
You will remain on the Analysis tool, but there will also be a link to navigate to the dashboard.
Sharing a link On most Analysis tools, you can save your analysis to a permanent link and share it with colleagues.

To share a link:
  1. Click the Share Link button in the upper-right. 
  2. You can enter the email addresses and an optional message, and then click Share.
  3. Sight Machine sends an email containing the link and your message. Or if you prefer, you can copy the link and use it for your own purposes.
Carry-forward fields During the contextualization process for the Cycle model, some fields are designated as “carry-forward” or “sticky” fields. This forward-fills data into cycles that are missing the field until the next value appears. Because this behavior occurs during the contextualization process, it appears everywhere in the platform that the Cycle model is used, such as in Data Tables, Data Visualizations, and the Analysis tools. While some Analysis tools benefit from filled fields, the fill can throw off counts and distributions by inflating the occurrences of certain values.The Analysis tools have an option called Carry-forwards that can undo this forward-fill effect. For any fields that the platform has designated as “carry-forward” or “sticky,” you can choose to remove all repeated entries, except for the first or last, before the analysis is performed. If the field had consecutive entries of the same value before the fill was completed, this option strips out all except one. NOTE: This process is not applied to fields that are not designated as “carry-forward” or “sticky.”