Product Updates - Fall 2019

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Line Visualization Line Visualization, which allows multiple machine types to be analyzed together, is now supported in Data Visualization, Time-Series Correlation, Timeline Analysis, and Variance Analysis.
See Line Visualization.
Single Value widget
This new widget shows the value of one field. Use the traffic-lighting system to apply a color that shows the state of the field.
See Single Value Widget.

Line Visualization

Line Visualization allows you to analyze cycle data across multiple machine types. This feature is available in the following applications if the Line model is available:

  • Data Visualization
  • Time-Series Correlation
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Variance Analysis

After you select Lines in the Model picker, you can select assets from multiple machine types in the Assets picker. The first asset that you select becomes the Reference Machine. Any other assets can add a time delay to or from that Reference Machine. In addition, you can select fields from any of these assets. The time delay is applied before the data is analyzed.

Single Value Widget

The Single Value widget is a new application that allows you to display a field’s value and apply a color that indicates the state of the field.

Single Value is available on the Create New Widget menu inside a dashboard.

Single Value supports continuous and categorical data. You can also set thresholds that indicate which color the widget should display. You can set these thresholds as constants or as the current value of a different field, such as a setpoint or target.