Product Updates - January 2020

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
External Content widget This new widget can show an external webpage inside a dashboard.
See External Content Widget.
Event Timeline Event Timeline now allows you to select the categorical field for coloring the bars. You can also collapse the bars to a single row.
See Event Timeline.
Dashboard widgets Widgets with some outdated references, such as deleted or renamed fields, now load and run.
See Dashboard Widgets.
Platform links Links within the platform, such as analytics workflows, can now open in new tabs.
See Platform Links.
OEE Visibility You can truncate Pareto charts to show the Top N bars, and hide or sum the remainder.
See OEE Visibility.

External Content Widget

A new widget supports showing external content inside a Sight Machine dashboard. The widget can accept almost any URL.

NOTE: Some websites explicitly block being embedded in iFrames, and some external content may not render due to security issues or authentication.

It is recommended that the content come from a website or cloud service that natively supports iFrames or embedded content. This provides a better experience, but it is not required. Services such as Power BI and Tableau typically offer iFrame support.

Add the External Content widget using the Create New Widget menu on an existing dashboard.

Type the URL for the content to display inside the widget, add a title, and then click Apply.

The content appears inside the widget. You can resize and move the widget, as usual. To adjust the URL and title, click Edit.

Event Timeline

Event Timeline now allows you to select the categorical field for coloring the bars. This previously defaulted to Machine. 

You can collapse the bars to a single row, to allow widgets to resize smaller. This option is always available but recommended for use when the categories do not overlap, such as tracking the status of a single machine.

These features are automatically available on up-to-date environments, in both the full application and the widget.

Dashboard Widgets

When you make a change to the data, such as renaming or deleting a field, widgets that used the old data have outdated references to it. Previously, these widgets would fail to load. Now, if at least one reference is still valid, such as in a Data Visualization or Timeline Analysis widget with multiple fields showing, the widget loads properly for the valid references.

No action is necessary for the widget to run in this way. 

The platform ignores outdated references, rather than removes them. To permanently remove them, click Edit for the widget, and then click Save. This strips out any outdated references from the pickers. This step is not required.

Two changes have been made to platform links:

  • Click-through links between analytics, such as from Correlation Heatmap to Curve Fit Analysis, now open in a new tab when using the browser’s new tab shortcut (such as middle-click or Ctrl+Click).
  • After you save a widget to a dashboard, click GO TO DASHBOARD to open the dashboard in a new tab by default.

OEE Visibility

Pareto charts made in the OEE Visibility application may have a long tail of categories. You can now truncate these categories to show only the Top N. You can then either hide any categories below this cutoff or combine them into one category and display them.