Product Updates - March 2020

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Dashboards Refreshing widgets no longer hides the previous result while reloading.
In addition, the layout grid on dashboards now has higher resolution. Widgets snap to finer bounds and can be made smaller than the previous default.
See Dashboards.
Share links
Share links are now supported.
See Share Links.
Keyboard navigation
You can now use your keyboard to navigate through the user interface.
See Keyboard Navigation.
Filter pickers
The filter picker now supports Overlaps operators for set filtering.
See Filter Pickers.


Dashboard Refresh

Previously, when dashboard widgets were refreshing, they would clear the previous result (chart/table) and the panel would remain empty while the new query ran. Now, the previous result is still visible during the reload period, and the loading spinner has moved to the upper-left corner.

Dashboard Resolution

The layout grid on dashboards now has higher resolution (48x48 instead of 12x12). When you resize widgets, they snap to the finer grid. The widget minimum size has also decreased so that you can arrange more widgets on one page.

Share links for Data Visualization and Data Table are now available, even if there is an error on the page, so that problems can be shared for debugging. Previously, the share link was only available if the analysis succeeded.

Keyboard Navigation

You can now use your keyboard to navigate through the user interface. The online Help provides information on:

  • Keystrokes
  • Sidebar picker behaviors
  • Menu behaviors

Go here to find out what’s new:

Filter Pickers

The filter picker now supports the Overlaps operator for set filtering on fields where the values are arrays rather than individual values. You see a flattened list of the unique elements that appear in those arrays, and if you select one or more elements, the query retrieves any data that contains at least one of the selected elements.

This feature is available for Data Visualization and Statistical Process Control.