Product Updates - January 2021

Overview of Changes

Component Notes

Build: SDK
The new version of the version of the Sight Machine Software Development Kit (SDK):
  • Enables customers to programmatically access data from the platform.
  • Was developed to streamline common data science application workflows.
See Software Development Kit (SDK).
Cookbooks: Dynamic Recipes Using the Cookbooks, you can:
  • Automatically and continuously determine equipment recipes.
  • Calculate setpoints, therebyoptimizing for a mix of configurable outcomes.
  • Create recipes that are specific to each unique condition.
See Cookbooks: Dynamic Recipes.
Cookbooks: Operator CoPilot The Operator CoPilot application recommends equipment setpoints to operators in real time, based on current conditions.
See Cookbooks: Operator CoPilot.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Sight Machine SDK enables your team’s data scientists and data analysts to retrieve modeled data from the Sight Machine platform to conduct analysis or build custom applications. Your team can do the following:

  • Retrieve Sight Machine’s common data models, including: Cycles, Parts, and Downtimes.
  • Build applications faster with included supporting functions that streamline common development use cases.
  • Utilize Python to seamlessly integrate with machine learning tools or other enterprise applications.

For additional information and documentation, and to download the SDK, go to:

Cookbooks: Dynamic Recipes

New Dynamic Recipes continuously and automatically update prescribed production settings, searching through the entire available production history to identify the settings that lead to the best results. You can set up Cookbook Dynamic Recipes to do the following:

  • Capture the optimal machine settings for every combination of conditions encountered, including the type of raw materials and environmental conditions, as well as for different types of output (e.g., grades of paper).
  • Optimize for any combination of targeted outcomes, such as minimizing cost or maximizing throughput. 
  • Update recipes automatically with built-in feedback looks. As your process improves, so do the recipes.

For more details about setting up Dynamic Recipes, refer to the Cookbooks User Guide.

Cookbooks: Operator CoPilot

The Operator CoPilot application prescribes Dynamic Recipes to operators in the control room and on the factory floor. The Operator CoPilot automatically detects current conditions (e.g., raw materials, desired output grade, humidity) and provides recommended machine settings to optimize for the desired outcomes. All machine parameters are tracked in real time, and those that are out of recipe specification are surfaced for immediate operator action.