Introduction to Dynamic Recipes and the Operator CoPilot

Cookbooks are a powerful addition to Sight Machine’s arsenal of optimization tools. They offer cutting edge technology by enabling real-time optimization in manufacturing processes. 

Dynamic Recipes continuously and automatically update prescribed production settings, searching through the entire available production history to identify the settings that lead to the best results.

The Operator CoPilot application prescribes Dynamic Recipes to operators in the control room and on the factory floor. 


You should be familiar with the following terms when working with Cookbooks:

  • Recipe Group: Each product that you want to produce may contain multiple recipes. A recipe group contains all of the recipes for a given product.
  • Outcomes: Outcomes are the results that you are seeking to achieve. Outcomes can be maximized, like throughput, or minimized, like cost.  
  • Levers: Levers are the machine parameters that you can control.
  • Conditions: Conditions are the factors that you cannot control, such as which supplier’s material you are using or the result of an upstream process.
  • Runs: Runs are the logical groupings of production output, otherwise known as a production run. A production run can be a unit of output or multiple units of output, depending on your production process.