Creating New Cookbooks

The first phase of the Cookbook setup process is to create the Cookbook outline, which breaks down into multiple Recipe Groups for product-specific recipes. This process is designed to help you with your initial setup, as well as introduce you to settings that are common across all recipes.

To create a new Cookbook:

  1. In Sight Machine, on the Cookbooks page, click New Cookbook.
  2. At the top of the window, name your new Cookbook.
  3. Click Choose Assets to select the assets that are relevant to the process that you are trying to optimize. Use the Search to find assets. You can select more than one asset, and should include every asset relevant to the process, including Outcomes, Conditions, and Levers.
  4. Click Choose Product Type. Recipe Groups are created based on your selection of product type. The groups are formed based on either value ranges (when product type data is continuous), or discrete values (when product type data is categorical).
  5. In the case of categorical values being returned, you have the option to group products together.
  6. The Run Settings section of the setup is optional at this point. You can wait to add Run Settings during the Recipe Group creation process instead. If you do add them now, any values that you configure are inherited. For more information, see Creating Recipe Groups.
  7. After you confirm your Recipe Groups, click Create.
  8. You return to the Cookbooks page, where your newly created Cookbook is selected, with its Recipe Groups displayed in the right panel.