Creating New Cookbooks

The Cookbook setup process has two phases, each with a few steps.

The first phase is to create the Cookbook outline, which breaks down into multiple Recipe groupings for product-specific Recipes. This process is designed to help you with your initial setup, as well as introduce you to settings that are common across all Recipes.

To create new Cookbooks:

  1. In Sight Machine, on the Cookbooks page, click Create New Cookbook.
  2. On the Assets page, select the assets that you want to use in the new Cookbook, and then click Next: Choose Product Type.
  3. On the Product Type page, select the data field that contains the type of product that you want to produce, and then click Next: Name Your Cookbook.
  4. On the Name Your Cookbook page, confirm the suggested title (or update it to one that best describes the Cookbook), and then click Create.