Product Updates - April 2021

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Cookbooks: Dynamic Recipes The new release fixes a number of minor bugs, and includes the following enhancements for Dynamic Recipes:
  • Simplified Cookbook creation workflow
  • Improved Cookbook landing page
  • Enhanced Recipe capabilities, including:
    • Auto-saving drafts
    • Targeting specific values as outcomes
    • Using custom deploy ranges
    • Using Weighted Stats
    • Downloading the deployed Recipe
See Cookbooks: Dynamic Recipes.
Cookbooks: Operator CoPilot The new release includes the following enhancements for Operator CoPilot:
  • Lever sorting display options
  • Custom sort
See Cookbooks: Operator CoPilot.

Cookbooks: Dynamic Recipes

Creating a Cookbook

Cookbook creation is now a simplified three-step flow, with each step required.

  • This updated experience brings more attention to each step, and surfaces the tool tips contextually along the way to make it easier to understand.
  • The process is also simplified by eliminating an option to group products to share the same Recipe, and by removing the introduction of Run Settings at the Cookbook level.
  • For continuity, you are now led from the end of the Cookbook creation workflow directly into the Recipe Builder tool for a product that you select.

Accessing Recipes and the Operator CoPilot

A new easier-to-use Cookbooks homepage design provides you with a view of Cookbooks and the products for the Recipes that you can create.

  • More room has been added for displaying metadata about Recipes, such as status information.
  • The process for finding, navigating through, and interacting with Recipes has been simplified.

Using Enhanced Recipe Capabilities

You can now do the following:

Action Description
Auto-save your drafts. When you make changes to the picker, those changes are now saved to the draft automatically. You no longer lose all your work on a draft Cookbook Recipe if you press the browser back button before clicking Save.
Target specific values as outcomes. In addition to building Dynamic Recipes that score runs based on maximizing or minimizing values in the Cycles model, Process Engineers can now target optimizing for specific values in attributes that span continuous ranges.
Use custom deploy ranges. When Dynamic Recipes are calculated, the default behavior assumes that the data you have streamed to Sight Machine is all valid to consider in finding the best runs. Sometimes this may not be the case, and including dates ranges in the value calculations would be misleading.

New custom deploy ranges offer a solution to this problem by allowing Process Engineers to specify the specific date range to use in considering valid runs from which to compute recommended Lever values.

Runs outside the range or spanning end points will be disregarded in the deploy computation of scores and recommended values with custom deploy ranges.
Use the Weighted Stats setting. The recommended values for average, lower, and upper control limits on each Lever in a Recipe are based on the average values found in the top runs to consider for that Recipe.

Weighted Stats is a new Run Setting that allows Process Engineers to give more weight to longer runs.

For example, if a recipe considered just the top 2 runs, and 1 run was twice as long as the other, the recommended values would reflect as follows:

Run    Lever Value    Duration

1              1000        10 hours

2              2000        20 hours

The Lever Value Recommendation based on these runs under each option would be as follows:

Default setting:    1000 + 2000 / 2         = 1500

Weighted Stats:    1000x10 + 2000x20 / 30     = 1667

Download the deployed Recipe. You can now download the table data from any deployed Recipe.

Cookbooks: Operator CoPilot

You can now do the following:

Action Description
Display Levers using different sorting options. You can now display Levers in the Operator CoPilot however you want. A new display toggle allows Operators to rank them by % delta between recommended and actual current values, alphabetically, or based on a custom sort configured in the Recipe Builder.
Use the custom sort. You can now control the sort order of the Levers in the Lever configuration panel in the Recipe Builder tool.