Product Updates - January 2022

KPI Alerting

Under Notifications, you can now create alerts to proactively monitor KPIs across machines, lines, process areas, plants, or any other level.  

Configuring a KPI alert is easy. In Notifications > Manage Alerts, click the Create New Alert button, and then click KPI. Provide the following:

  • A name for your alert
  • The KPI and assets to monitor
  • The Monitor by level 

The Monitor by level calculates KPIs at the desired level. For example:

  • If you Monitor by: Machine, the KPI is calculated individually for each machine.
  • If you Monitor by: Plant, the KPI is calculated for each plant.

With KPI alerts, you can set a schedule how often you want to check for a KPI threshold violation. You can run the schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. KPI alerts also allow for a separate, configurable analysis window. Using the alert schedule and analysis window, you can check for incidents on a Daily schedule that analyzes the KPIs from Yesterday.

After you configure your alert, you receive both email and in-platform notifications if any incidents are found.

Coming Soon: There are a number of usability enhancements for KPI alerts coming soon. Enhancements include:

  • Machine Selection: Search, Select All, and View Selected
  • Alert Schedule and Analysis Window: Improved defaults