Product Updates - March 2, 2022

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Data Visualization Y axes Understand your production process better with support for more than two Y axes in Data Visualization.
See Data Visualization: Expanded Y Axis Support.
Cookbooks algorithm The Cookbooks algorithm has been updated with a new order of operations and other improvements.
See Cookbooks: Algorithm Updates.

Data Visualization: Expanded Y Axis Support

In Data Visualization, expanded support for two or more Y axes now lets you understand your production process and relationships across process parameters.  

Visualizing multiple process parameters and understanding the relationship between them can be challenging, especially if each has its own unit of measurement.  

Now with Data Visualization, each process parameter can have its own Y axis, making it easier to view changes and relationships between parameters. Available through an updated Chart Configuration, you can select the Y axis for each process parameter, along with other parameters.

With multiple Y axes, you can now select a trace directly in the chart to view its axis scale.  

With the introduction of two or more Y axes, a number of interactions have also been improved. 

You can double-click anywhere within the chart to reset the view, including the selected trace. This is the same as the Reset Axes option in the modebar.

There is also a new option in the modebar called Hover by Closest. Available in earlier releases, the Hover by Compare feature provides information for each trace on hover. The new Hover by Closest feature is now the default option for multiple axes, and only shows information for the closest trace on hover.  

NOTE: To select a single trace, you must be in the Hover by Closest mode.

Cookbooks: Algorithm Updates

The Cookbooks algorithm has several updates that enable new recipes and improve scoring:

  • The Cookbooks order of operations now performs recipe scoring prior to filters. As an example, with this change, you can now Minimize Downtime as an outcome, as well as filter lever values to remove data when the machine is down, providing lever recommendations that do not include data during a downtime.
  • Outcome targets are now standardized and normalized so overall run scores are on a scale of 0 to 1. 

NOTE: For these changes to take effect, it is best to redeploy your recipes.