Product Updates - April 28, 2022

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Workspaces: Data Validation V0 You can now temporarily use data from a non-Production pipeline in the Manufacturing Applications to perform data validation.
See Using a Share Link to Perform Data Validation in Workspaces.
Cookbooks: Clone You can now clone Cookbooks to compare varying Outcomes and Conditions.
See Cloning Cookbooks.

Developer users can now send a Share link to Basic users to allow them to temporarily use non-Production data in the Manufacturing Applications to perform data validation.

Developer users can set a non-Production pipeline to In-Use by selecting the new option in the Pipeline Manager. The Pipeline is user-specific and relative to the tab that it’s open in, allowing the display of multiple Pipelines across different tabs, side-by-side. This means that the change applies only to the user who creates the Pipeline unless that user generates a Share link, as described below.

When a Developer user generates a Share link for a non-Production Pipeline that is set to In Use, the link switches any user who opens it into the same Pipeline.

Users can switch back to the Production Pipeline data at any point by selecting the red Info indicator located in the lower-right corner.

Cloning Cookbooks

Creating and comparing Cookbook Recipes with varying Outcomes is now easier using the new Clone option. Cloning creates a copy of your Cookbook with the same Outcomes, Levers, and Conditions so that you can modify its different versions and determine which produce the best results. A cloned Cookbook does not Deploy by default.