Product Updates - July 7, 2022

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Cookbooks The Cookbooks Status column now lets you view and troubleshoot Cookbooks errors.
See Cookbooks: Status Visibility.
Alerts You can now remove old or unused alerts with alert deletion.
See Deleting Alerts.

Cookbooks: Status Visibility

Cookbooks now provide a Status column that enables you to understand changes to existing Cookbooks and surface any errors in deployed recipes. 

The new Status column provides detailed information on underlying asset and data fields that have changed, and the specific outcomes and levers they affect. You can then use this information to resolve errors in deployed recipes and Operator Co-Pilot.

Coming Soon:

  • Visibility into errors directly from Cookbooks Draft and Deployed pages.
  • Improved error handling in the Operator Co-Pilot application, returning recommendations, even if some data fields and assets are no longer available.
  • Actions to resolve Cookbooks issues automatically.

Deleting Alerts

You can now delete alerts rather than only disabling them. Deleting an alert also removes all of its related incidents. Access the Delete option from the Options menu.