Product Updates - July 21, 2022

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Cookbooks: KPI Optimization You can now optimize your production process with KPI Outcomes in Cookbooks.
See Cookbooks: KPI Optimization.
Cookbooks: Status Actions The Cookbooks Status indicator now includes actions to resolve issues automatically.
See Cookbooks: Status Actions.

Cookbooks: KPI Optimization

You can use functions such as Target, Minimize, and Maximize to optimize your production process with KPIs in the Outcomes section of Cookbooks. Use the Optimization drop-down box to select the appropriate function.

For easy search, KPIs appear alongside other Data Fields with the Data Field Type of KPI.

Cookbooks: Status Actions

Modeling changes may have a negative downstream impact on the Manufacturing Applications, including Cookbooks. With Status Actions, you can directly resolve issues by removing missing or changed Data Fields and either redeploying automatically or moving your Cookbook to the Draft page for further editing before deployment.

Coming Soon

  • Visibility into errors directly from Cookbooks Draft and Deployed pages.
  • Improved error handling in the Operator Co-Pilot application, returning recommendations, even if some data fields/assets are no longer available.