Product Updates - September 1, 2022

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Cookbooks: Error handling Cookbooks now provide improved error handling when the Data Type property of a Data Field changes in a Pipeline.
See Cookbooks: Status Visibility for Data Type Changes.
Cookbooks: Workflow To ensure valid Cookbook creation, the workflow now includes validation of Data Fields that contain Product information.
See Cookbooks: Workflow Improvements.

Cookbooks: Status Visibility for Data Type Changes

Cookbooks can now detect when a Data Field has changed from a categorical to a continuous Data Type and vice versa.

The resulting error message provides recommendations for corrective actions. In addition, there is now an option to remove the Data Field that has been modified.

Cookbooks: Workflow Improvements

The workflow for creating a new Cookbook now includes validation checks for the Product Data Field. 

If you select a Data Field that does not contain Product information, you receive a warning that prevents the invalid Cookbook creation.