Environment Builder


Environment Builder is a feature in Factory Build that empowers process experts to configure Lines, including setting time offsets and the asset display order. 


Similar to the way you use other Data Foundation tools, you can access Environment Builder through Workspaces in Factory Build. 

To enter Environment Builder, click Lines on any Workspace version. 

Environment Builder has two main pages:

  • A map of all of the facilities for this environment
  • A facility page that shows the facility’s lines and machines

These pages have both graphical views and table views that support the workflows described below.

Edit and Publish Workflow

To edit only the Lines, without making any changes to the Pipeline as well, edit the Published version. To edit both the Lines and the Pipeline, create a new version to edit.

When you are finished configuring the Lines, you can publish your changes from the Workspaces home page. 

If you edited the Published version, Publish this version again for your changes to take effect. 

If you edited a separate version, you can Compare it with the Published version to see whether any other user has edited the Published version. If there are other changes to the Published version, you can continue with the Compare & Merge workflow to combine both sets of changes and then Publish the resulting version.

When you Publish, the version that you Published is then used by Factory Analyze for all users by default.

Setting Up Lines

On the facility page, you can group machines together into a line and organize their order by linking them together.

Add machines to the canvas using the asset picker in the top left. The platform does not require you to use every machine. Link these machines by clicking and dragging from the output port of one machine to the input port of another machine.

To create a line, select machines (tip: press Shift to select multiple), and then click the Create a Line action in the top left. You can also click Create a Line, and then select which machines to include.

To remove machines from a line, right-click the machine or edit the line. 

You can also remove machines or delete an entire line, including all of its machines. Machines that you remove from the canvas are still available in the asset picker.

Time Offsets

Some analyses of Line data, such as correlations, are more accurate when they incorporate the time offsets between different machines. Time offsets model how different machines on the line process a unit of material in sequence.

You can set default values for these time offsets in the graph view and the table view. These defaults are used by the asset picker in Factory Analyze when the Line model is in use. The default offsets are applied to new analyses, widgets, and sharelinks; existing ones are not updated.

Ordering the Assets

You can arrange the order that is used to display machines across the platform. This order is used in locations such as the asset picker in Factory Analyze (when the Line model is used) and the machine cards in the Facility graphical view.