Product Updates - May 18, 2023

Overview of Changes

Component Notes
Homepage - KPIs The Homepage now displays KPIs at the Facility, Line, and Machine level, with color-coded indicators highlighting KPI performance against target thresholds.
See KPI Visibility on the Homepage.
  • Single Value and Data Visualization widgets now display units of measure for KPI data fields by default. 
  • The Data field picker for KPI data models also displays units of measure when you select the Unit category. 
  • The Show/Hide Units toggle in Formatting Options lets you turn off the display of units.

See KPIs: Units of Measure.

KPI Visibility on Homepage

All Sight Machine users can now view their KPIs on the Homepage. 

KPIs are color-coded to indicate if they are in or out of range with respect to target threshold values, enabling you to quickly assess plant health.