Basic Concepts in FactoryTX

FactoryTX (FTX) is a customer-facing factory floor data extraction solution. Together, FTX and the edge device (i.e., a piece of hardware that controls data flow at the boundary between two networks) provide a way to standardize the raw data collected on the factory floor and connect it to the Sight Machine platform via the cloud, where it can be analyzed.

You should be familiar with the following basic concepts in FTX:



Data Sources

These are the network-accessible endpoints required for retrieving the data. Data sources may include any of the following:

· PLCs (programmable logic controllers)

· Historians

· SQL databases

· Remote file systems

Data sources may map many to one or one to many with physical assets. Each data source will have its own protocol and format.

Data Receivers

FactoryTX will run a service for each data source.

The main loop is:

· Connect to a data source.

· Read recent data from the source.

· Transform the data into individual messages in record format.

· Write to disk.


These are the destinations where data is published after being extracted. They use the HTTPS POST method to request that a Web server accept the data enclosed in the body of the request message, via the secure communication of HTTPS. Transmits may be on-floor devices or in the cloud.

The main loop is:

· Read record messages from the local buffer.

· Post record messages to the transmit.

· Upon acknowledgement of receipt, delete sent messages.

The diagram below illustrates how the core concepts interact to move data through the process from the factory floor to Sight Machine.

Outline of a Typical FactoryTX Setup