Understanding the FactoryTX Interface

This article contains the following sections:


The FactoryTX interface provides a way to view, edit, and save changes to the three sections of the configuration file source code:

  • Data Receiver
  • Transforms
  • Data Transmit

For more details about those three elements, see Overview of the Configuration File Structure in Configurations in FactoryTX.

Editing the Configuration

The Configuration section of FactoryTX allows you to view the FTX configuration file, as well as access other features.

On the Configuration screen, you can do the following:

  • Stop and start services as necessary.

  • Check the status of CPU, memory, or disk usage.
  • Fold and unfold the code viewing window.

  • Launch a search. You can run wildcard and regex searches.
  • Use the navigation links to jump to the data_receiver, data_transmit, or transforms section of the code.
  • If you have any errors, indicators will appear on the screenClick the error message link to open the error console, which lists all errors currently in the code.
    NOTE: You cannot Submit code changes until you clear all errors. The console will provide the details you need to resolve them.

  • Click Submit to submit configuration changes.
    NOTE: The Submit button will remain disabled as long as no changes have been made to the configuration, or if it contains any errors.

Viewing Logs

On the Log screen, you can view a list of the FTX logs as they are being created.