2. Overview of EMV and EMA

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The Enterprise Manufacturing Visibility (EMV) applications provide a standardized platform for visibility across all manufacturing facilities, and lay the foundation for the use of manufacturing analytics at scale. EMV includes:

  • Visibility Dashboards: Access real-time views of multi-facility and machine performance metrics such as output, availability, downtime, and quality, as well as build your own dashboards.
  • Data Visibility Toolkit: Use a toolset for enterprise-wide visibility and the comparison of real-time and historical raw IoT and contextualized data.

While EMV provides the foundation to powering digital manufacturing, the Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics (EMA) applications provide more sophisticated analysis for facilities with a higher degree of readiness by delivering out-of-the-box and extensible analytics across the enterprise and the capability to tailor solutions to each facility. EMA includes:

  • Advanced Analytics Applications: Unlock the next level of real-time analysis for digital manufacturing by using exploratory data analysis tools and Statistical Process Control.
  • Product Traceability: Enable the traceability-audit of parts as they flow through machines and suppliers connected to the platform.

For more information on each of the available applications, see Enterprise Manufacturing Visibility or Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics.

Whichever application you use, Sight Machine’s platform enables you to quickly visualize, compare, and analyze data models created by the Sight Machine AI Data Pipeline.

How the Digital Readiness Index Can Help Guide Your Application Selection

Understanding your digital readiness is critical to identifying which Sight Machine product offering is right for a specific plant or facility. To help you, Sight Machine uses the Digital Readiness Index (DRI), a methodology that evaluates a facility’s readiness for digital transformation and identifies the applications and projects likely to deliver the most impact.

You can use the DRI to identify which organizational and technical assets your organization already has in place, and to determine whether the EMV or EMA offering is more appropriate for you.

There are two components (or measurements) to the Digital Readiness Index:

  • Organizational Readiness (or Y axis): Does your organization have the necessary institutional support (commitment and budget, skills and resourcing, change management) to begin the digital transformation?
  • Technical Readiness (or X axis): Does your organization have the right IT infrastructure (data connectivity and accessibility, cloud and security strategy, data awareness) in place to be successful?

Visit  Digital Readiness Index for more information.