3. Navigating the Manufacturing Applications

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At the top of every Sight Machine platform window is a toolbar of available options.

The primary sections of the platform are contained in the four tabs along the top.

From right to left, these tabs are:

  1. Raw Data: This tab provides visibility into real-time machine and system data, before any modeling has taken place.
  2. Data: This tab houses table views of the contextualized data models, produced by the AI Data Pipeline.
  3. Analysis: This tab contains tools to visualize contextualized data, as well as out-of-the-box analytics that are part of the Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics (EMA) offering.
  4. Dashboards: This tab houses out-of-the-box dashboards and the dashboard builder.

All of the data tables, analytics, and dashboards are built off of the same machine-level data, enabling all users in the company to work off of the same information and metrics, which are constantly updated in real time.

Raw Data Tab Overview

On the Raw Data tab, you can select:

  • Raw Data Monitoring: This provides a visualization of time series IoT machine data as it flows from your plant floor.
  • Raw Data Streams: This provides a list of the raw data feeds flowing into the Sight Machine AI Data Pipeline.
  • Raw Data Table: This allows you to create data views and download IoT data from specific assets.
  • Raw Data Visualization: This helps you visualize and chart real-time data.

This raw data is used by Sight Machine’s AI Data Pipeline to build the models that exist within the Data tab. For more information, see the guide Contextualizing Data Using the AI Data Pipeline.

Data Tab Overview

On the Data tab, you can:

  • Create tables of contextualized data, using any variables associated with a specific asset or model.
  • Save tables and access tables created by other users.
  • Download and share tables.

For example, you might be interested in viewing the material usage for specific machines and lines, but not variables such as temperature. Often, an IT or data team would spend a significant amount of time and resources writing queries to capture this type of data. Instead, Sight Machine’s web-based interface is point and click, and allows you to quickly get a real-time snapshot of the precise data that you need.

Analysis Tab Overview

The Analysis tab contains tools to visualize contextualized data, as well as analytics that allow for deeper introspection into that data.

The options on the tab will differ depending on whether you are using the EMV or EMA application.





Data Discovery:
Correlation Heatmap

Exploratory data tool that allows you to investigate the linear pairwise relationships between any number of parameters.

Data Discovery:
Curve Fit Analysis

Exploratory data tool that provides an in-depth look at the relationship between a pair of parameters.

Data Discovery:
Descriptive Statistics

Exploratory data tool that allows you to perform an in-depth analysis of any given parameter.

Data Discovery:
Time-Series Correlation

Exploratory data tool that allows you to investigate which parameters have the highest level of correlation to a given parameter.

Data Discovery:
Timeline Analysis

Exploratory data tool that applies contextual modeling to understand event sequence relationships between multiple parameters.

Data Discovery:
Variance Analysis

Exploratory data tool that surfaces parameters involved in the production process that have high variance and which may be impacting quality and efficiency.

Data Visualization

Tool that allows you to compare any variable against any other variable in the system, leveraging the contextualized data from the data models created by the AI Data Pipeline.

KPI Visibility

Tool that allows you to monitor and visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) such as performance, availability, OEE, and defects. These KPIs are built from machine-level and system-level data, ensuring a consistent approach across your machines, lines, and plants.

Statistical Process Control

Tool that monitors stability and initiates alerts when any parameters go out of control to ensure the quality and stability of your manufacturing process.

NOTE: The Analysis tab will also contain any enhanced or custom analytics created by your organization leveraging the Sight Machine SDK or developed by the Sight Machine services team.

Dashboards Tab Overview

On the Dashboards tab, you can:

  • Access out-of-the-box dashboards. These are preconfigured, personalized views for different types of users, such as the Machine Operator or Plant Manager.
  • Create your own customized dashboards using the dashboard builder. This tool allows you to mix and match customized visualizations of real-time and historical data on a single screen. Any private dashboards that you create, as well as any public dashboards created by other users in your organization, will be visible on the Dashboards tab.

Main Menu Overview

In the upper-right corner of all screens in the Sight Machine platform is the menu button, represented by three horizontal blue lines. This menu allows you to:

  • Submit feedback to the Sight Machine development team.
  • Visit the Help center.
  • Sign in and out of the platform.
  • Navigate between the different sections of the platform

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