Quick Start Instructions

This article contains the following sections:


This article contains a streamlined, quick start set of instructions to get you up and running. For more details and full instructions, consult any of the following:

Quick Start - Installing the SDK

The installation process involves two steps:

  1. Setting up the SDK (installing from either source or a package).
  2. Confirming that you installed the SDK and its dependencies properly.
Step Command

Installing the SDK from source:

pip install -r requirements.txt
python setup.py install

Installing the SDK from a package:

pip install <filename>.whl


import sightmachinesdk as sm

Quick Start - Authenticating

Contact your Sight Machine Engagement Team to request credentials.

To authenticate:

  1. Initialize a Client:
  2. cli = sm.Client('<tenantname>', auto_login=False)
  3. Log in using the method provided by Sight Machine:
  4. cli.login('basic', email='<user@domain.com>', password='<password>')
    cli.login('apikey', key='<apikey>')