3. Data Readiness

For data to be considered ready within the context of the Sight Machine platform, it is helpful to understand the process of gaining access to data and transmitting data to the Sight Machine platform for contextual modeling and analysis. At a high level, this process can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Accessing and retrieving the data from data sources with a repeatable, automatic method.
  2. Labeling the data acquired from sources with metadata.
  3. Transforming the sources into a consistent format.
  4. Transmitting the data to the Sight Machine platform via an API.3

Obstacles to the above can mean that a source of data is not Ready, and that work either in the data intake pipeline or the source itself will be necessary.

To read more about data readiness, refer to the Determining Scoping Milestones and Decision Points section here.