Introducing the Data Discovery Toolkit

Welcome to the user guide for the Sight Machine Data Discovery Toolkit. This guide provides an overview of the Data Discovery Toolkit tools and details about the features of each one.

The Data Discovery Toolkit is a suite of out-of-the-box advanced analytics tools that come with Sight Machine’s Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics offering. These tools support univariate and multivariate analyses of time-series data, which range from describing behavior over time to investigating correlations between parameters. The Data Discovery Toolkit is designed to identify variables that exhibit behaviors that may be impacting production processes, uncover relationships between variables, and track performance over time.

The Data Discovery Tools support click-through analysis, which recommends workflows through the different tools to uncover additional information. You can access click-through links by clicking on data, such as a cell in the Correlation Heatmap or a bar in a histogram in Variance Analysis. Clicking opens a menu of links to Data Discovery Tools that are related to your current analysis. After you follow a click-through link, the next analysis automatically uses the same parameters that you selected in the first Data Discovery Tool.