Options Common to All Data Discovery Tools

During the contextualization process for the Cycle model, some fields are designated as “carry-forward” or “sticky” fields. This forward-fills data into cycles that are missing the field until the next value appears. Because this behavior occurs during the contextualization process, it appears everywhere in the platform that the Cycle model is used, such as in Data Tables, Data Visualization, and the Data Discovery Tools. While some Data Discovery Tools benefit from filled fields, the fill can throw off counts and distributions by inflating the occurrences of certain values.

The Data Discovery Tools have an option called Carry-forwards that can undo this forward-fill effect. For any fields that the platform has designated “carry-forward” or “sticky,” you can choose to remove all repeated entries, except for the first or last, before the analysis is performed. If the field had consecutive entries of the same value before the fill was completed, this option strips out all except one. Note that this process is not applied to fields that are not designated “carry-forward” or “sticky.”