Product Updates - April 18, 2024
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    Product Updates - April 18, 2024

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    Article Summary

    Overview of Changes


    Factory ANALYZE

    • An enhanced Date Picker dynamically assesses data availability without the dependance of a production date sink.

    • Visualize levers in Data Visualization directly from the  Lever Insights tool in Cookbooks

    • Bug Fix: Data Tables now enable “Shift” data fields to be viewed on the Parts Model

    • Bug Fix: “Investigate” link in SPC Alerts opens SPC with the alert data field selected

    Factory BUILD

    • Leverage Dynamic Operators with JINJA as the default syntax for all non-template instance operators.

    • Streamline your development workflow with the introduction of ESC and ENTER keyboard shortcuts for modals such as Create Template and Delete Template.

    • Initiate operator connections, now from either output sockets or input sockets.

    • Bug Fix: Improved reliability for data previews.

    • Bug Fix: Preview connection filter syntax is validated in workspaces with JAR extension operators.