Product Updates - April 4, 2024
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    Product Updates - April 4, 2024

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    Overview of Changes



    Manufacturing Data Platform                           

    • Unlock the power of data foundation with Runtime Fields by effortlessly creating your data calculations for immediate insights and faster decision-making.

    • Easily find all your fields with Fields Explorer.

    • Bug Fix: Selecting all levers when creating a new recipe in Cookbooks no longer fails.

    Factory BUILD                             

    • Improve Dynamic Material Traceability in complex systems with the line model's new capability to connect equipment using key identifiers like Batch ID.

    • Copy & Delete Templates to increase development speed with reusable data transformation logic. 

    • Collapse template instances without losing your place on the graph; the canvas no longer re-centers with this action.

    • Experience enhanced navigation with large templates; now, only the template header moves the template, while the remainder of the template offers direct access to navigate the canvas.

    • Bug Fix: Selecting multiple operators on the canvas now provides accurate bulk actions like template creation and deletion available via right-click actions.

    Factory ANALYZE

    • Global default aggregations for each data field deliver user-aligned results, eliminating manual adjustments in applications like Data Visualization.

    Factory CONNECT

    • New Snowflake receiver added

    • New Normalization transform added

    • Bug Fix: ADL Connection Creation Workflow UI issue has been addressed

    • Bug Fix: GE Receiver can now manage unexpected boolean values and payload data level errors