Product Updates - May 16, 2024
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    Product Updates - May 16, 2024

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    Overview of Changes


    Factory BUILD

    • Feature Enhancement in Pipeline Builder: It’s now easier to build dynamic pipelines with the ability to download, upload, and manage data dictionaries directly within Pipeline Builder, making your workflow smoother.

    • Enhanced Efficiency & Usability updates to Data Previews: Experience enhanced efficiency and usability with the latest updates to Data Previews. Now, initiating a preview is as simple as selecting an operator's port directly. Plus, results are conveniently displayed in your chosen timezone, making analysis more intuitive. Enjoy streamlined timestamp instant filtering, with options for both relative and absolute selection. Additionally, benefit from an improved table interface that allows for seamless column resizing, ensuring a more fluid and customizable viewing experience.

    • Updates to Pipeline Progress Developer Page: The Pipeline Progress developer page now contains links for each operator.

    • Improved Templates Feature: The automated zoom when expanding templates has been refined to improve usability.

    • Enhanced Workspace Status: Workspace status returns faster with improved API performance.

    • Field Explorer Improvement: Visualize data directly from Field Explorer

    • Bug Fix: Pasted templates are now immediately editable.

    • Bug Fix: Merging workspaces with Templates no longer have overlapping buttons.

    Factory ANALYZE

    • Production Calendar for Custom Time Ranges: Custom Time Ranges in the Date Picker now support the Production Calendar